AWS Plugin

Integrate with Amazon Web Services and S3

Data Plugin

Read, Write and Update MS Excel® files. Supports working with sheets as well as formatted data.

DataStream Plugin

Stream data that needs to be imported , direct into a specific record in your database or your file system.

DDE Plugin

Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is a feature of Microsoft Windows. Provides a protocol through which applications can exchange data of all sorts.

Dialog Plugin

Easy Dialogs! Included is a method to create a password window. The window can show a login name/password and/or check password.

Exchange Plugin

When you or your (Corporate) client uses Microsoft Exchange as a solution for Calendaring, E-mail etc. the Exchange Plug-in is your friend.

HTMLeditor Plugin

Bring Servoy & CMS to the next level, offering more built in functions than any other editor or HTML-area within Servoy!

LDAPclient Plugin

Easy connections to LDAP servers Connections can by secure or non-secure, Anonymous or Authenticated.

Outlook Plugin

Add, retreive and/or synchronize a solution or module with the various folders of Microsoft Outlook®.

Progress Plugin

Create a better user experience and display real time progress and more advanced dialogs.

Servoy Progress OpenEdge JDBC No Lock Driver

Drop-in wrapper to the official OpenEdge driver which adds functionality to expand concurrency by avoiding database locks.

Word Plugin

Works with any OS, supported by Servoy because there is no need for clients to have MS Word® installed.


Barcode Bean and Plugin

The Barcode Bean and Plug-in can deliver most industry standard barcodes and images.

Cryptor Plugin

Encode and decode your data. Encrypt and decrypt all your passwords and other important text strings.

Fax Plugin

Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email using Servoy. But the Plug-in gives you a more direct control over status information than before.

FTP Plugin

FTP & SFTP connections within Servoy.

Splash Plugin

Real splash screen from within a Servoy application.

Tools Plugin

Archive files, calculate with dates, format and validate a string and get to system variables .