HTMLeditor Plugin


The HTMLeditor Plugin for Servoy, is a Servoy WYSIWYG HTML editor Plugin enabling users to easily create and publish web-based content on the fly.

The HTMLeditor Plugin has been developed to bring Servoy & CMS to the next level, offering more built in functions than other editor or the HTML-area within Servoy!

Some important features are

  • Platform and browser independent
  • More built in functions than any other web based editor
  • Ease of Integration with existing Servoy solutions
  • Edit html-data live from your server, or right out of a database-field
  • Upload and insert images, video and Flash files with optional parameters
  • Manage files on your Servoy server (create/delete folders, etc.)
  • Full support for skins
  • I18N compliant


  • The HTMLeditor does not require any client-side installation.
  • Content can be edited without ever having to use HTML thus enabling users to focus on the most important aspect of their website: content.


Smart client Headless client Web client Mobile client NG client
8.0+ 1.6+
7.0+ 1.6+ n/a
6.1+ 1.6+ n/a n/a


We published our API Specifications for the HTMLeditor Plug-in as a future and current reference.

This component uses the Java Swing library for rendering, which supports the HTML 3.2 Reference Specification.  Please keep this in mind as some newer style HTML may not render as expected.

After downloading the HTMLeditor Plug-in using our Components Manager a sample solution {servoy_root}/solutions/it2be-examples/it2be-htmleditor.servoy is installed.
You can import the sample solution into Servoy Developer and you will have some (basic) code examples of how to use the HTMLeditor Plug-in.


I have an issue with nested tables.

That is a know issue.
Unfortunately support for tables is limited and one of the limitations has to do with displaying nested tables (a table in a table).

When you want (your clients) to work with tables we advise you to use the trial period to test the behavior of the HTMLeditor Plugin for your specific case.

I cannot use the Component with Servoy Developer or an Application Server.

Open the Servoy Administration Website (e.g. localhost:8080/servoy-admin/ for a default Servoy Developer installation). Move to ‘Servoy Server Home’ -> ‘Smart Client Settings’ and add it2be.HTMLeditorService to ‘servoy.application_server.trustedRemotePlugins’ (you can use a comma as separator).
This should allow the Component to work.





One developer & unlimited deployment

  • +35% p/y
    maintenance fee



Team of developers & unlimited deployment

  • +35% p/y
    maintenance fee