Progress OpenEdge JDBC No Lock Driver


The Servoy Progress OpenEdge JDBC No Lock Driver is a drop-in wrapper to the official openedge.jar driver which adds functionality to expand concurrency by avoiding database locks.


  • Avoids getting this error: “Failure to get record lock on a record from table <tablename>” when running SELECT queries
  • Automatically adds ” WITH (NOLOCK)” to the end of every SELECT query ran through the driver, including Servoy generated and ad-hoc queries.


  • OpenEdge 10.1A02 and later.
  • All versions of Servoy
  • Java 8+
  • Also works with other Java tools besides Servoy. Any JDBC connection can utilize this driver.


How to use:

  • Since this component is a JDBC Driver, it is not part of the Components Installer (IT2BE Manager) like the rest of our components.  After you sign up for the 30 day trial, you’ll receive an email from us with links to download your trial components.  After purchase, we’ll send you the fully licensed component.
  • The component includes the itech-openedge-nolock.jar driver and the config file,
  • In Servoy Developer, place both of those in your <servoy_install>/application_server/drivers folder
    • Also make sure you have the official openedge.jar in that folder as well
  • In Servoy Developer, edit your DB connection settings, and change the Driver property from “com.ddtec.jdbc.openedge.OpenEdgeDriver” to “com.itechpros.drivers.openedge.NoLockDriver”.  You should see that as a selectable option from the drop-down. If you don’t, double check it is installed correctly.
  • For Servoy Developer, that completes the install and configuration.
  • For Servoy Application Server or WAR deployment, the must exist in one of these places
    • The same directory the driver is in  (for non-WAR deployment)
    • {SERVOY_USER_HOME}/.servoy/{context}/  (for WAR deployment)
    • {USER_HOME}/.servoy/{context}/  (for WAR deployment)




Single Server

  • +35% p/y
    maintenance fee