Fax Plugin


The Fax Plugin makes faxing through a Servoy solution as simple as sending an email.

It was already possible to send your fax as if it were an email but the Plugin gives you a more direct control over status information than before.
The Fax Plugin for Servoy is freeware and is based on the Interfax© services. The Plugin relies on their web services api.

The Plugin implemented the following functions:

  • sendFax
    Send the fax to the given fax number. The format of the fax can vary from plain text, through html to pdf and doc formats. Everything thatís included in the Interfax api!
  • getFaxStatus
    This method will return an array with 10 types of status information from sent date to number of pages etc.
  • eSendFax
    Does what it says, resend an existing fax to the same or an alternative number.

It is possible to add the username and password in every method call or place them in the Servoy properties file via the servoy-admin webpages.


Every company that needs to fax directly from a Solution will benefit.


Smart client Headless client Web client Mobile client NG client
8.0+ 1.6+
7.0+ 1.6+ n/a
6.1+ 1.6+ n/a n/a


We published our API Specifications for the Fax Plug-in as a future and current reference.

After downloading the Fax Plug-in using our Components Manager a sample solution {servoy_root}/solutions/it2be-examples/it2be-fax.servoy is installed.
You can import the sample solution into Servoy Developer and you will have some (basic) code examples of how to use the Fax Plug-in.

We have made the source of the Fax Plug-in available on ServoForge .
You can download the source here .
Everybody is free to check the source out, use it and change it as long as you give us credit and leave all copyright notices intact including those of third parties.


I cannot use the Component with Servoy Developer or an Application Server.

Open the Servoy Administration Website (e.g. localhost:8080/servoy-admin/ for a default Servoy Developer installation). Move to ‘Servoy Server Home’ -> ‘Smart Client Settings’ and add it2be.FaxService to ‘servoy.application_server.trustedRemotePlugins’ (you can use a comma as separator).
This should allow the Component to work.



Support Kit

Open source

This plugin is free and open source. For assistance, you may purchase a Support Kit.

The Fax Plugin is built upon the Intefax API and supports the Interfax Fax Services. The Interfax services are not free! You can subscribe to the Interfax services through the Interfax website .