Outlook Plugin


The Outlook Plugin for Servoy makes it possible to integrate 2-way communication with Microsoft Outlook® .

With the Outlook Plugin your can add, retreive and/or synchronize a solution or module with the various folders of Microsoft Outlook®.
Microsoft Outlook® is one of the most widespread personal information managers in the world for Microsoft Windows®.
It can be found on most desktops of our (potential) customers.

With the Outlook Plugin you can work with:

  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • E-Mail
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Posts

Not only is synchronization possible, it is also possible to include attachments!.
The Outlook Plugin won’t replace the built-in functionality of your solution but can be used to make your solution work together with Microsoft Outlook®.

Features you can offer the end user are:

  • Send mail via Microsoft Outlook® (no cc’s from Servoy to users anymore)
  • Synchronization of contacts in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Create and manage appointments direct in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Create and manage meetings direct in Microsoft Outlook®
  • Create and manage task direct in Microsoft Outlook®


  • To send mail through MS Outlook (avoid duplicate systems).
  • To synchronize data between your Solution and MS Outlook clients.
  • To create tasks in MS Outlook with reminders etc.
  • To synchronize your Solution data with handheld systems through MS Outlook.

In short every company with MS Outlook as PIM will benefit.


Smart client Headless client Web client Mobile client NG client
8.0+ 1.6+ *
7.0+ 1.6+ * n/a
6.1+ 1.6+ * n/a n/a

The libraries that are distributed with the Outlook Plugin only work with Java 32-bits only.
Support for 64bit version is not planned or supported at this time. Please contact support if you are interested in sponsoring this.


We published our API Specifications for the Outlook Plug-in as a future and current reference.

After downloading the Outlook Plug-in using our Components Manager a sample solution {servoy_root}/solutions/it2be-examples/it2be-outlook.servoy is installed.
You can import the sample solution into Servoy Developer and you will have some (basic) code examples of how to use the Outlook Plug-in.





One developer & unlimited deployment

  • +35% p/y
    maintenance fee



Team of developers & unlimited deployment

  • +35% p/y
    maintenance fee